Carlton James Director of GBTI

With over 35 years of professional experience, Carlton James is a corporate communications expert who specializes in development work. Over the course of his career, Carlton James has focused on damage prevention and control, advocacy, community engagement, and education. He has worked in the Caribbean, Africa, and South America on behalf of government, non-government organizations, and investors.

Among other roles, Carlton James spent several years as a consultant and advisor to the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, and the Office of the Vice President of Suriname. He also worked for ExxonMobil-Guyana as a public and government affairs manager and director of government relations. In this role, he facilitated communication between the corporation, the Guyanese government, and private sector stakeholders, as well as rural and indigenous communities.

For more than a decade, Carlton James has served as a director of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI), the top banker in Guyana. He heads the Marketing Committee, which is responsible for generating marketing campaigns for the bank’s products as well as maintaining open communication with communities throughout Guyana. GBTI consistently works to expand its offerings in a way that drives economic development, and Mr. James ensures residents understand these opportunities, which include financial products and services for both individual and business customers. 

Earlier in his career, Carlton James spent seven years as an advocacy and communicators advisor for the Office of the Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). In this role, he advised representatives of 15 CARICOM member states on civil society engagement. Through CARICOM, Carlton James also served as a consultant for a fisheries assessment and management program in Belize and advised the ministers of energy from 14 CARICOM members states on developing processes for engaging local populations. Mr. James additionally worked in Barbados on a plan for adapting to climate change with the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility.

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