8 Money-Saving Apps That Have Soared in Popularity in 2021

Be it electricity bills, gasoline prices, or hotel accommodation, no one likes the idea of paying more than they have to. We look at eight of the hottest money-saving apps available for download today, each of which can help you to shave some money off your annual budget.

1. Shopkick

This shopping coupon app rewards users via a points system, with users redeeming “kicks” for gift cards to spend in their favorite stores. Every time a user shops, or simply logs in, they earn kicks, which you can be used to claim gift cards for leading brands like Starbucks, Target, Amazon, PayPal and more.

Shopkick rewards users irrespective of how they choose to shop, be it via the 80+ affiliated online stores, or wandering around a partner store in person, making purchases or scanning barcodes on particular products. You can even earn kicks just by sitting on your couch, browsing content or watching videos in the Shopkick app.

2. JouleBug

JouleBug helps users to not only save money, but also protect the environment at the same time by building green habits and reducing their energy consumption. As users make more environmentally-friendly choices, they earn badges. They also have the option of sharing their achievements via social media, inspiring friends and family to join the growing trend.

This award-winning app is particularly well-suited for work-based environmental challenges, incentivizing employees to strive for collective conservation goals. This fun and accessible platform keeps users motivated driving positive change, amassing points by taking actions and making choices that are good for them, their community, and the planet as a whole.

3. BillTracker

BillTracker helps users avoid late fees and interest by ensuring they never miss a bill payment again. Developed by SnapTap, this passcode-protected app enables you to keep track of bill totals and due dates on one handy platform, providing notifications of impending payments.

4. Halfdollar

Whether the user relies on a consistent paycheck, or works part-time or as a freelancer, Halfdollar is an effective budgeting app. It allows users to enter multiple income sources and track what they spend their money on every month.

This easy-to-operate, ledger-style tool is ideal for users seeking a streamlined, no-frills budgeting app to see exactly where they are with their finances. This free, sharable platform is particularly popular with couples.

With simple label categorization and fast searching, users can track payments made over the past year with ease. The Halfdollar community provides users with an opportunity to connect with others, sharing their budgeting experiences and giving feedback on the app.

5. WhatGas

WhatGas provides users with the latest prices for gas stations near them. This allows them to find the best rates without driving around to check prices.

In addition to providing the latest gas prices, WhatGas also features information on fuel consumption, fuel types, and car finance, as well as providing car information and advice on a variety of different topics from the most economical models to basic maintenance tips.

6. Entertainment

One of the most popular coupon apps in the United States today, Entertainment presents users with discounts of up to 50 percent on a wide variety of different purchases, helping them to make significant savings when shopping online, booking airline tickets, or eating out at their favorite restaurants.

Free to download across the US and Canada, Entertainment has connected 50,000 businesses with an ever-increasing customer base. The platform also offers an easy-to-use customizable fundraising tool called Raisy, enabling users to quickly raise funds for a variety of worthwhile causes.

7. Clarity Money

Clarity Money leverages the power of data science, machine learning, and AI to help users take control of their finances. It can help identify and cancel wasteful subscriptions, lower users’ bills, and find credit cards with better rates.

The app lets users know if it detects overspending in a specific area. Clarity Money can also be used to support long-term financial goals, such as buying a new car or saving for a vacation. It funnels automated payments direct to a savings account. This helps users reach their financial goals by the self-selected due date.

8. Snoop

Launched to help users reduce their outlay, this app monitors bills, warning them when spending is creeping up, providing helpful prompts when a better deal is on offer. The app enables users to connect all of their credit cards and bank accounts via one easy-to-navigate app, enabling them to keep an eye on all of their bills.

Incorporating daily balance alerts, an annual insurance checker, energy switching, and a mobile monitor, the app aims to shield users from being short-changed, scouring the markets to help them find the best deals.

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